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Abstract Artist | Lillian Lopez​

Lillian Lopez was born in New York, NY in 1972. Having grown up classically trained in piano and surrounded by a culturally rich and lively city, her love of the arts was instilled at a young age. Lillian's interest in painting was cultivated later in life. In 2006, at the age of 34, she discovered her ability to paint abstract art. Abstraction gives Lillian the freedom to trust her intuition and express her creativity through a visual experience. She invites her audience to let their eyes dance around her artworks, encouraging involvement, interpretation and most importantly- imagination.

Lillian lives and works in New York City. 



"My creative process while painting abstractions can be best described as spontaneous, spiritual, intuitive and free of any rules. I am encapsulated in a peaceful bubble, zoning out from the rest of the world- yet still completely connected to the cosmically divine forces in our universe. It's as if my higher power is somehow communicating with me telepathically ~ something foreign yet familiar. I never think about the final product before or during the process. Once I'm done, I'll look at the finished piece the next day, smile and think...another message derived from my Absolute Truth."    -- Lillian Lopez


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